Basement Makeovers You Can Try

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July 31, 2015
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October 10, 2016

Basement Makeovers You Can Try

The basement is often left dark, damp and unfinished; but this need not be the case in your household. The calgary basement development has been transforming this forgotten area into more space that can be used by the family. The space has so much potential that there cannot be enough ways you can transform it. Forget about the dilemma that basements should be just for the tools and utilities, any space can be transformed into something both you and your kids will love. Here are some makeovers you can try:


  1. TV Lounge

As an child this has always been a dream of mine, to have an entertainment room where no one can scold me if I stay up too late or stay in the couch all day. The basement is a great place for a TV or entertainment room because you can turn up the volume surround and nobody will get angry. Of course, make sure you have great sound installation installed if you’re planning on renovating the basement into a TV lounge.


  1. Game Area

One of the reasons why teenagers don’t stay at home is because they lack things to do; change that by transforming your basement into a game room. Put in your old billiard table, some computers, board games, and some tables and you basically have a place exclusive for games. Now your children can invite their friends over and you’ll have more peace of mind because they’re safer in the basement than in any arcade.


  1. Music Room

When I was a kid my friends and I wanted to form a band, but our main problem was the lack of a studio or space that we can practice at. If you’re a musician at heart and are looking into adding a studio to your backyard, take a step back and look at your basement if you can transform it into a music room. The key to a good music room is the acoustics, make sure to do your research and ask the hardware store the best supplies for your renovation. You can hit the drums as hard as you like when you have properly soundproofed the space.


  1. Bar or Brewery

After a long day of work sometimes, we adults just want a nice glass of wine or a shot of whisky. But since you do not want the kids seeing this habit, you might want to move all your alcoholic beverage to the basement. The basement can be renovated to resemble a bar: add a counter, some bottle shelving, high chairs, and you’re good to go. To complete the basic necessities, add in some kitchenette equipped with a small wash counter and even a microwave. This can be a great place to unwind with your partner and even your friends after dinner.


Depending on the needs and preference of your family, you can customize your basement to be transformed into a space conducive for everyone. The possibilities are endless, all you need is imagination and the determination hat your basement can do more than what you think it could.

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